The Northern Colorado Model Railroad Club was started more than 30 years ago by a group of model RR enthusiasts from around this area. At that time there was no club north of Denver. The actual start can be traced to a conversation between Bruce Vogel and Jim Wild at a coffee break in the regional NMRA convention at Idaho Springs in the fall of 1979. Up to that time, however, several railroad modellers had been meeting informally on a round-robin schedule on Saturday nights in Fort Collins, exchanging ideas and swapping stories. These men became the nucleus of the new club, organized in 1980, starting with club by-laws hammered out and board of directors and officer positions decided on.
    Over the next few years, the club comprising around 30 men began meeting at locations alternating between Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. Early on it was decided that, unlike other clubs around the country, our club would not be centered around construction and running of a single elaborate layout, but would be an organization dedicated to exchanging modelling information, methods, and learning skills from each other. Since then, we have had at different times a couple of small layouts to exhibit, for educational purposes, but that has not been our focus.
    Over the years we have had various modelling contests within the club, clinics put on by club members and guests, field trips to many local railroad-related places and events, and an informative presentation of some kind at each meeting. Our focus is on enjoying the hobby and sharing our skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

    We meet once a month in locations which rotate between Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins. We continue to have informative programs, model contests, and other social events.

    For website visitors interested in Colorado Railroads, we offer this Colorado Railroads Map for you to study.

More information on our club can be found by downloading a printable copy of our club brochure.

For anyone interested, an application form can be obtained HERE. This form also serves as an annual renewal form for current members.