This set of video links covers recent club programs. Videos of Layout Tours are shown Below.
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  vBB   Bill Beranek explains the processes involved in his track planning services.
   presented October 28, 2021
  vcb   For the June 2021 program Chuck Bay shows how he set up the benchwork in his basement for the new layout
   in his new house, sharing a few tricks and methods..
   presented June 24, 2021
  vg    This month's presentation takes us on the journey of wiring. Bill Kepner gives us his experiences
  wiring up his layout and potential things that you may want to do as well.
  Another great series for starting off in model railroading.
  presented April 22, 2021
  vg   Craig Linn introduces NCMRC members to the world of Narrow Gauge modeling, specifically HOn3.
 He explores what grabs people to Narrow Gauge, product offerings, and Do's and Don'ts that he has learned over
 the building of his HOn3 D&RGW 3rd Division. Enjoy!
  presented March 25, 2021
  vg   NCMRC Presentation: Bill Kepner on Modeling a Short Line,
  presented January 28, 2021
  v   Darwin VanderPol's presentation on designing model railyards.
  given September 22, 2020
  vko   A presentation of pictures from Northern Colorado Rails,
  given by Kirk Orndorff at the club virtual meeting on July 23, 2020

Following are videos of club layout tours.

  vtj    John Deery opens up his layout for a virtual tour of his French Broad River Valley Railroad.
  John takes us through his journey so far, with topics on design, construction, and modifications..
  presented June 17, 2021
  vg   For the May virtual layout tour Bill Kepner takes us on a journey through his N-Scale empire, the Southern Pennsylvania Railroad. In this presentation you will hear about Bill's design philosophy for this region in PA
and why he modeled this area.   presented May 13, 2021
  vg   NCMRC February 2021 Layout Tour: The Spaghetti and Western RR by Charlie Mankus
  vw   A virtual tour of Wally Muscott's Ka-Ton-Sha Bay layout on August 13,2020,
showing many of his outstanding scenes and structures.

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