Here are some articles from our club members on how to do or make items on your layout:

A new clinic by John Parker on 10 key items for keeping your layout running smooth.

An article on a method of mounting switch machines that makes it easier to position them correctly. [Editor's note: one may use Masonite as well as 1/4 inch plywood as the author suggests]

An article taken from our Dispatch newsletter on Modeling Rivers by Rick Inglis.

A step-by-step instruction on Making Realistic Trees by Craig Linn.

How to build a Trackside Shed by George Franke.

Some good suggestions on detailing in Six Easy Diesel Details by Bob Sobol.

A pdf file version of a presentation on Layout Automation containing lots of good ideas and resources, given at a club meeting on September 22, 2016.

A pdf file of a presentation by Wally Muscott, on Junk Box Modelling, showing how one can use a variety of things around the house and workbench for tools and materials.