Here are some articles or presentations from our club members on how to do or make items on your layout:

   Richard Frazier recently gave a good summary look ahead at the future of our hobby. His slides are found Here.
Some notes from Richard on his slides help to make his points and can be accessed Here.

A new clinic by John Parker on 10 key items for keeping your layout running smooth.

An article on a method of mounting switch machines that makes it easier to position them correctly. [Editor's note: one may use Masonite as well as 1/4 inch plywood as the author suggests]

An article taken from our Dispatch newsletter on Modeling Rivers by Rick Inglis.

A step-by-step instruction on Making Realistic Trees by Craig Linn.

How to build a Trackside Shed by George Franke.

Some good suggestions on detailing in Six Easy Diesel Details by Bob Sobol.

A pdf file version of a presentation on Layout Automation containing lots of good ideas and resources, given at a club meeting on September 22, 2016.

A pdf file of a presentation by Wally Muscott, on Junk Box Modelling, showing how one can use a variety of things around the house and workbench for tools and materials.

An article by John Deery summarizing his approach to designing a layout.

A website tutorial by Craig Linn on how to make tunnel linings without plaster

Darwin Vander Pol gave a virtual presentation on Sept. 24, 2020, on Model RR Yard Design, whose slides can be accessed by clicking HERE.